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Originally Posted by BAINBRIDGE,S *****! View Post
i had a great day at maldon and district gun club today and was proud to be there when the latest winning gadget was revealed by one of hft's best known characters.

yes folks im talking about gary chillingworths latest design, the "scutterhook"!

to you and me it simply looks like an illegal butt hook but this carefully designed and measured instrument cleverly disguised with sticky tape somehow manages to evade the watchfull eye of the ukahft scrutineers.

i know youre all thinking that this has only been achieved due to the fact that he is the chief marshall but i find this sort of rumour to be quite scurrilous and scandalous and am sure that this massive F.T style butt hook is completely legal.

what i dont appear to have is any photos of the next "big thing".

can anyone furnish us with some pics of this latest prototype?

Gary winning must have missed that along with most of the targets today
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