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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
As for sizing pellets i haven't really delved into sizing them, I was always under the impression that short sharp high pressure burst of air pushing a pellet down the barrle may of done all the sizing. but saying that I have recently sized pellets and I may well invest in a variety of sizes just to see what the crack is and who knows i may even start sizing them, if it works thens sod it.
The theory could be sound on that the air pressure would size them. But having a think over a cuppa this afternoon, if the pellet head and skirt are not concentric to each other then it may 'throw' off the pellet. Considering when I measured a number of pellets the skirt is usually on average 0.15mm bigger than the head. Such as in JSB 4.52's I have measured the average head size to be 4.495mm and the skirt 4.62mm.

I have been watching some videos on long range shooting in America where the location of the bullet into the throat of the barrel. I may actually push out a pellet that has been seated by the probe to see what happens.

In some of the recent Airgun World and some of the last Airgun Sport issues there have been some articles on pellets and their flights
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