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Originally Posted by bootneckbob View Post
Where? That's what I mean, the best is not consistently there, (JSB 4.52) in this case so we keep chasing the best pellet or batch .

Don't read to much in to my anal comment Kieran!
Being the best sometimes requires it, as you well know!
ATB, and an interesting discussion.

Maybe we need to weigh and size all our pellets ourselves? I guess many of you already do, and to be honest, I don't mind doing it. But as has already been said the quality now means half the pellets are sh*te, where before most were on the ball.

I guess there's not enough money in field pellets to warrant the QC that some target pellets get.
Don't worry bud I didn't read anything into that comment. Your very right in saying the best isn't consistently there but there must be some good current batches out there, surely?

With reference to weighing pellets in my past findings I found that generally speaking you have to be something special shooting wise to notice the difference between weighed and unweighed pellets when shooting a comp. It's just not generally possible to consistentley replacate the steadiness of a bench from either the prone or sitting position. You can only notice the difference in weight off a bench and a nigh on perfect day and when do we get those in the UK?

As for sizing pellets i haven't really delved into sizing them, I was always under the impression that short sharp high pressure burst of air pushing a pellet down the barrle may of done all the sizing. but saying that I have recently sized pellets and I may well invest in a variety of sizes just to see what the crack is and who knows i may even start sizing them, if it works thens sod it.

Your right in saying the moeny isn't in the "field" pellet market to warrant good QC but years ago when pellets were much cheaper the QC was mega(or hoofing inyour case) so I think that JSB are just not changing the dies as much, but to be quite frank I don't know enough about it to make proper judgement.

None the less it's prompted some interesting discussion on here so cheers for all the input guys and keep it coming.

Cheers K
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