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Originally Posted by holly View Post
As opposed to talking to the horses bum , i have been talking to the horses head . IE the BFTA comp sec .shaun . he says that his interpretation of the single point sling is that it can be permenently attached to either the rifle or the jacket . whichever is best for the shooter . eminently sensible i think ??? HOLLY
I had the same problem here, this year I moved to the international class that allow single point slings and because who makes the rules donít much about shooting he said it must stay on the rifle but a sling is an shooting accessory not part of the rifle, we can remove the shooting Jacket (I hope) so a sling should be possible to remove.

The main point is that itís impossible to correctly use a single point sling and hand-stop and leave it attach to the hand-stop, the sling is too short to allow you to pass your arm and attach it to the jacket.
What I and a friend have done is to use the sling like the biathlon guys do, attaching it with a hook; I just cut a belt and made a hook attachment.

Arm band

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