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Default jackets in the hot weather

ive been shooting field target now for 2 years and over the winter ive been shooting beter then i have done before, over the winter with it being very cold i brought my self a nice thick sking jacket and it seems to pull the top of my body in tight which seems to make me more steady when taking my shot and as i shoot over the arm it reduces the pulse through my arm but with the weather getting better ie last weekend 26 c. sat there in a ski jacket was not fun put me off. not sure if its in my mind but when i take the jacket off i cant shoot a 35 yard target with any confidence.

what iam going to try this weekend is to wear what footballers and rugby players wear a compression top its very tight and helps your posture ive brought the all weather type so cool in the summer and warm in the winter i hope it works because its not cheap.

ive heard lots of other shooters say they cant shoot with out there jacket on so what do you choose to wear when shooting (dont want to know what underwear you wear at the weekends thats between you and your doctor)

thanks jay
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