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Default to the technical bods and those in the "know" reference pellets....

Well that was a long winded title and it's not exactly clear is it, so apologies for literary lapses.

Now the problem I have is or the theory I have is.....

that modern pellets are not what they used to be. Discuss.

Now here's my findings, there's a little bit of a story to go with this so bear with me and please don't go to sleep (Oi! No sleeping at the back!). About 2 1/2 years ago I had an awesome batch of JSB 4.52's, they were the magic batch, true story! But saying that JSB's were generally very good anyway and most batches with exceptions of a few were very good and easily fell in to the bracket of clinical. So naturally I bought alot of these pellets and these lasted me until about 18 months ago and I switched batches but my shooting teatered off due to other things.
Then about 14 months ago my shooting came to an absolute stand still due to an up and coming excursion to one of the world's true **** holes, so basically I fell out of the shooting "loop" or out of the shooting "know" and in the past i was very much in the "know" and looking back it's surprisining how on the ball with shooting development i was etc.
Now fast forward 14 months and I'm due to shoot my first competition back in the "loop" after a free "holiday"and it's the bloody worlds and i have like a week to prep. for it(nice one Kieran). So out comes the ol' rifle and i start pellet testing and in the end i settle on some pellets that are semi respectable and I tested atleast a dozen type of pellet in varying head sizes, brands and batches and then ones i settle on were the best of the lot but by no means great, in fact a little shoddy. For the record i'm not trying to find excuses for misses at the worlds before someone jumps on that band wagon.
So over the past few days I've been bored and I'm blessed with zero range in my own garden that goes to 35y but it does make a sort of wind bowl and from past experiences grouping or testing in my garden is best left to late evening when typically the wind dies down. So for the past few evenings i've been trying to find some mega pellets again. my test bed initially was my LG300 but then I used my MPR later on as a sort of confirmation tester.
So to the testing, first up the batch i used for the Worlds and I'll be honest they were poor. So i tryed every other pellet i had available to me, Mozzies, JSB 4.52's (3 batches), Accupell(yes I was desperate), Express, JSB 4.53 (2 batches) and all groups were to be honest poor and some were shocking in my opinion. For the record all groups were shot off a fron sand bad rest (Caldwell ) and rear bean bag and Scopes used were on the highest mag(x14 in both cases). So VFG time.
Post VFG and the groups were the same probably worse but the wind had started to do some weird things and I was beginning to get a little frustrated and to be honest that's not the best combo for succsessive testing. Took and break an brought out my MPR and tried with that, very similar results! Que very frustrated shooter(me).
Roll on 3 hours and I decide to try again but this time i raid my gun cuboard which is full of all sorts of shooting odments I've aquired over the years and low and behold I find half a tin of the magic batch and some old school Lazadomes, now the bad news. The magic batch were rejects that i'd put to one side and when i used to weigh pellets all over and under weight pellets went in the reject tin(the tins even clearly marked "******* ****", true story). So out came these pellets.
I tried again first with mozzies, results just over 16mm edge to edge 5 shot groups, and the actual patterns were just odd. Re-tryed the Worlds batch of pellets about the same and then tried alot of other batches i had tried previously. All groups were in like a 3 pointed star formation and the mean point of the group would shift from group to group. So all groups shot with these pellets were of a similar pattern. So clutching at straws i break out the lazadomes which are atleast 4 years old and the group alot better, 3 groups 10mm edge to edge, but this batch is long discontinued and i've only got about 20 left.
Que the rejects and bearing mind these pellets could differ in weight by up to 1.2 grains if my memorey serves me right. Bang, 7mm edge to edge straight away, next group 6mm and so on. the rejects work better than any other pellet i'm using.
So now heres the thing all other batches I've been trying are relativeley new(last 12 months) so why is it they ALL get there arses kicked by old school pellets. Now personally initially I'd of put it down to my barrel not liking them pellets but 12(yes 12 ) new batches, not co-incidence. So has anyone had something similar.

Now the importan bit could someone poinbt me in the direction of some decent pellets please. I thought I'd post this on here as opposed to the BBS because the more technical shooters frequent this site a bit more then the BBS. So gents any suggestions?

Cheers K
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