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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
I take all the credit when people say my courses that they have just shot were great so here I am saying that some of the pegs on my course were a let down on the quality that should be for every-one to shoot in a WORLD Championship.
To say there are restrictions put on us by the management of the estate in our course building is true but that is no excuse and I can only apologize.
I;m a MAD supporter of the UKAHFT who made a bolllllox up but I;m old enough and thick skinned enough to get on with shooting airguns and enjoying myself .
I wish you all the best and please dont post on this thread ,just read it and forget it.
cheers Ian
I'm surprised that there haven't been any comments posted on here Ian.??

All i could see was the problem with the plastic blocks that accounted for only 2 out of 30 targets. Good on yer for holding your hand up and i still think you and the MAD lot are some of the best course setters in the country. See you in Edinburgh?
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