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Default SFT - Where are all the Sporting shooters?

At Gp1 there were just two entries in the SFT class. A quick look at confirmations for GPs 3 and 4 suggests there might not be many more at these. Last year there were half a dozen Sporting entries at most shoots, some also attracting a few HFT specialists.

So why are so few shooting SFT this year?

Could it be the rule changes re. additional reducers? Actually, I would have thought this makes the course more attractive, rather than less so. When shooting Sporting rules, a 20 yard mini kill has to be easier than trying to judge the range of a 50 yard full size kill, using just Mark One Eyeball and a fuzzy scope!

For me, It would be a real shame to see this discipline die when it offers so much satisfaction. Just think: shoot Sporting and you need never worry again about your scope parallax moving with temperature!

Any ideas guys?
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