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How does that Humble Pie taste....

You manged to post before I could tell the world that what you swore never to happen actually did!!!!

I have to admit that I never really believed that the wind would move a pellet up or down as you never really get a wind that blows directly downwards or upwards, but that indeed was exactly what happened.... very frustraiting when you are trying to do your ranges........

Although if did effect the flight of the pellet the movement was so minimal that it would not really have an impact on making the shot... unless you were doing a 15mm kill at 55 yards...... but there was definatly wind assisted movement.....

We saw 1 click of movement both up and down (at one point I had 2 neat lines above and below the actual aim point, then when the wind dropped I could get the middle line.....) 1 click being a pellet width at 55 yards.... so minimal effect and this lessened with shortened distance......

Mind you the sideways movement was just as errattic, sometimes taking the pellet 6 inches other times it was spot on and if you were quick enough to get another shot off before the wind started again it was pellet on pellet.....
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