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Default First timer view

Well this is my first season and obviously I have no experience of the course builds from previous years but I really enjoyed the afternoon despite not having a clue on many targets as to which way or how hard the wind was blowing. I didn't have a problem with the 15mms (despite not being sure of my aim points whilst using an old ProT and _still_ waiting for AA to sort out the regulator on the EV2 .. grrr). The joy of seeing a long one fall over (and seeing the pellet arcing in and down from the left) countered the consternation of seeing a pellet go straight on despite leaves/branches swaying, wind on the face, windicator all saying it should have taken at least some windage, even had one go the opposite way so must have pulled that! I haven't shot in such conditions before so good experience although I am not sure I learned how to do better for the next time.

The 25mms were a mixed bunch but as with the 40mms some times the hardest thing was seeing which bunch of grey splats it landed in - the ones on the left or the ones on the right ... at least there is a feeling of fellowship joining in the grey. :-)
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