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Initially I was a bit dissappointed with my scores at the worlds and to be honest in hindsight i was putting my past standards on myself, i did think both courses were extremely clearable and I did expect people to do just that but there was just enough wind to keep you double guessing.

But now I'm pretty happy with how it went for me personally as I haven't shot HFT competetivley for nearly 14 months prior to shooting the worlds due to other commitments and foreign holidays. But to those who were reallt dissappointed about their scores reflect on this:

you could think all day about the "what ifs", what if that spliiter had gone down, what if the wind hadn't of picked up and so on, but to be honest lifes a little to short to beat yourself up about missing tin chickens. In reality we're a bunch blokes (and blokettes) that dress in varying degrees of cammo, lay in the woods and shoot tin chickens.

Pain is temporary, glory is forever!

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