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I Thought the course was very good however there was a lot of whinges at the Tawd Vale shoot last year with quite a few people saying there was too many reducers, my own view is the reducers should be optional quite like the idea of fixed combined yardage for standers and Kneelers though i would be quite happy to see 25mm kneelers at ground level IE in line with the shooter.This is the first season and a good bench mark has been set all credit to Tony,Kev and the lads very well ran GP a lot of effort and around 160 relatively happy customers. I would like to suggest that the BFTA buys a set of pellet scales as we all know that pellets can vary by the best part of a grain i think 3 lads where disqualified for being over the limit rules are rules but i do not beleive this was intentional and yes i know it is the same for everyone but i know of people going through the chrono at over 100FPS under the limit. I am only suggesting the scales for anyone who may think they have got a pellet issue.
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