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Red face Tell Dr Bunson HoneyDew I'll be back shortly

Nope, definitely shot like a muppet. I think Beaker was in charge of my rangefinding decisions.

Was fine for the first day... happily lobbing pellets with a sense of blissful optimism but no great expectations.
Then I discover (with a mix of glee and bewilderment) I'm in joint first position for the .22 class and my mind decides this could be quite a big thing...

Managed to get about 20mins sleep Saturday night, bizarre and horrifyingly realistic nightmare of every shot being an inter-range reducer with a kill zone smaller than my pellet.

Was unable to face breakfast Sunday morning as my stomach was doing its best impression of a blender; imagine a small child who'd just been told their parents had bought a sweetshop and they were moving to Disneyland.

Bizarrely I got the first 6 targets down; those were the ones shot whilst I was still feeling physically sick.

It was when I reminded myself that I was a grown adult of *cough!* years, and that I really shouldn't be this nervous about lying in a field trying to knock brightly coloured animal shapes over that I started to calm down...
It was then that my brain just turned to porridge.

"Hmmm... looks like 30 yards... just shoot it at 30 yards"
*get into position, load pellet and sight through scope*
"Hmmm... probably more like 40 yards isn't it....maybe shoot it at 45 to be safe.... mind you, looks a bit big for 45 yard... might it be 20 yards? Tell you what... just shoot it at 15 and see what happens..."


Never mind.... always next year eh?
Gary I have a spare Daisy I can lend you if the Steyr doesn't work out

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