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Well First GP done.... on to the next...

Enjoyed the day although had a disapointing score..... Having felt like I had released good shots but still missed targets and not being able to see where my shots were going hardly at all I took the rifle down to the range today and it had shifted 5 clicks.... basically all my shots of 35 or over the clicks had moved the equivalent of 5 yards hence alot of shots had been going out of the top of the kill..... Would be lying if I did not admit to being a little relived that It was not all down to bad shooting..... Positive side I have now sorted the ranges out and have learnt a lesson, or two.... A) make sure you go on the plinking range before you shoot.... B) if my shots are going high constantly make an adjustment for shift.... C) have more faith in my shooting as it is not always my error (mostly... but not always)

All that aside, I really enjoyed myself and cant wait to get my teeth into GP2 - Tawd Vale here I come...

I am officially putting myself forward for the Aardvark award as if I had actually been on the plinking range before starting the shoot I would have noticed my change..... that being said I had just sat down at the plinking range with 20-30 mins before kick off when I was called and told the afternoon shooting was starting early!!!!

NEFTA is the next new challenge... hope to see you all there.....
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