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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Yep, good challenging course... and a complete ***** of a breeze... don't think i've been so bemused for a long time, and to be 1/2 a kill out and find out it was 1/2 a kill in the complete wrong direction was a revelation. Nothing over the lakes seemed to make sense to me for more than a lane.

Was caught out by the early call to the line 20 mins before normal, and I think the plinking range could have done with some fresh paper and perhaps some more boards at 55. Ok, so we were late on there, but I figured 12:30 was plenty of time.
Think someone had nicked some of the entry signs in, found at least one other shooter wondering if the shooting was in the same direction as the fishing, and we only saw a sign on the entry to Harriers, and that seemed to be the only one... but then i'm known for not seeing signs, especially if they happen to be target numbers

Well done to Jack with his 49, and those that came close.... top shooting.

Helen thinks she won the aardvark award...

Back to South Dorset tomorrow to see if i can hit the side of a barn for a change...
I know the feeling rob .nothing for a scientific shooter to get his teeth into . different wind on the same lane . the next lane the opposite and so on . just grit your teeth and shoot on . i said to bobby , before we started that it would be good to stay above 40 . tell the young lady that it will get better as we go thorough the season .the harder we practice , the luckier we get . as for the pie man , if the new shutz is any good and of course mr S&B then i will make the run to thrash him with it ??? HOLLY
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