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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
Should I keep going until they are coming out completely clean? If so, I need to buy a lot more felts!
From my recent experience, yes you should get the felts clean.
Don't use the paste anymore though, it a bit like Jewellers Rouge and polishes the bore.

As above I use BreakFree cleaner/lubricant to clean out the lead with one of the VFG green felts,
then 4 or 5 white felts to get rid of excess cleaner/lubricant, till they are clean.
Then I use the Lupus Grease (which is an additional part of the VFG System) it is a PTFE - Teflon Lubricant. 1 white felt soaked in the grease run up and down the barrel 2 or 3 times, then a couple more white felts to soak up the excess, the last one come out fairly white & almost dry, then clean excess from the crown & the breech end of the barrel.

Weaponcare.Com is VFG website

Intershoot has the full range of VFG products - Lupus Grease here

I have found this tightens up the groups very nicely, I'm doing it every 200 to 300 shots, if I leave longer the groups really start to open up.

I don't notice any running in period apart from the first shot after cleaning, which can come in half a kill low. I'm running my rifle at 751fps. Seems to be it's sweet spot.

Hope this helps...
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