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Default clean Steyr barrel

Hi, just thought I'd ask the educated forum on here what there thoughts are on this. Currently my LG110 seems to group better if the barrel's pulled through every fill. I've heard other people say they never clean theirs; I know each barrel is different, but am I likey to do more damage than good pulling it through every fill?
I don't mind doing it, and I can see it would make for a consistant shooting, so your thoughts please..........

also, on a slight aside, I think the batch of JSB Exacts i'm using aren't great, which does make any kind of test pointless!
They're 8.4 4.52 which have in the past been spot on, but currently don't group that well. If I put some 7.9 Express in it they group fantastically. Now before you all say the obvious (shoot them), the old batch of Exact were equally as good.

Thanks in advance for any replies and taking the time to read this on what is a beautiful afternoon!

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