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Originally Posted by Miss England View Post
Dont think that ploy will work on me lads..... now maybe if the sign said gun accessories all half price... now that might turn my head..... but not being your typical gal I have my sights set firmly on shooting the course.... and having a damn fine time doing it too....... where did you say the handbags were half price
A serious word to the miss . do not be dragged into the mega scope race . they are heavy . you are no light weight yes . but the muscular developement of the ladies is not the same as the fellas .your never gonna have muscles like berty ( thank god ) get ( nag ) rob into letting you try a leupold competitiuon X in 35 mag . it is light , clear and very easy to use . much easier than the march and S&B and not mega expensive . luck ??? HOLLY
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