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I do think one or two of you have lost the plot slightly and are forgetting the whole point of UKAHFT, I begin to wonder whether some would be better off taking up benchrest which is probably the best shooting sport in terms of not disadvantaging anyones shape or disability.

Our sport is all about set your gun up to be the best compromise to hit as many different types of target as possible by altering scope height, stock depth & buttpad position, you then set your scope to give you the best compromise by altering zero, parallax and magnification.

Setting courses is exactly the same, each course setter tries to set a good course using different shots that are a compromise of different positions, kill sizes and ranges.

I'm assuming that the adult shooters who don't want targets positioning to disadvantage them are wanting to be fair to all other groups too ? So we'd need to come up with a sport that dosn't disadvantage the following groups:

Tall or short
Fat or thin
Fit or unfit
Young or old
People with strange body proportions

Then of course you'd need to look at shooters with various disabilities such as bad backs, bad legs, bad necks. We can also add bad eye sight to this list as all the shooters with 20/20 vision have an advantage over the poor sighted.

So if you take all of the above into account it seems there are three choices:

1) We stay as we are and continue to try & remove any silly shots during vetting.

2) We only allow shooters to compete if they are average height, weight, shape & in A1 fit condition with perfect eyesight.

3) We change the rules so nobody is disadvantaged & end up all shooting in a perfectly flat open field, only after the grass has been mown of course.
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