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I've had a great weekend on two great courses. I'm wondering if the complainers were at the same event I was, but maybe my standards are low. I found the targets very doable, even though I dropped quite a lot less than I hoped for. On saturday my rifle turned out to be leaking and sunday I misranged a lot. Both of which were my own fault, not the course setters'!

The treestump wasn't an obligated prone shot, was it? If people run in trouble with it, just kneel...just as legal, though maybe not preferred. I'm quite tall myself, and I thought at some shots the shorties and juniors were in a bit of an advantage due to the psoition of some obstacles. Go figure, can't please them all.

I've seen things I have some questions about also, but I'll save them. They're not about the courses anyway, but about rules and procedures. It seems the organisers get enough flack as it is. I've set up courses also, and I know it's hard to find a balance between discouragingly hard, challenging and easy. I thought the course setters did a good job. Good shooters were able to get their scores in just fine, from looking at the score list, and people who need to practice more...just need to practice more, including shooting from less preferred positions. Isn't that what a "worlds" is all about? But maybe I misunderstood.

Either way, thanks to everyone, organisation and contestants (special mention for Stephen, Martynas and Nathan and his dad as squad mates) for a great weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to repeat this trip next year for the next edition!

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