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I didn't like them...

I think for the basis of any target in a target sport is to find the best shooters, so that the reason you miss targets is being caught out by them or you simply not being good enough... not your body type which in my opinion that was the key getting the blocks. I'm sure if I wasn't a short fat git with short arms I would have had a better chance

I wasn't happy when I left that course because of those targets but I didn't say anything at the time and I'm glad I didn't. Thinking about it, it was 2 targets. I'm not going to let 2 targets ruin what was an awesome weekend.

I don't think the course setters or organisers deserve any abuse for it. The rest of the course was great. Its clear a lot of work had gone into it with keeping strings out the way and shooting in every angle available. Some of the targets were bastards to range find and they caught a lot out. I thought the lake course was very good too. Especially with all the restrictions that has been placed on the course setters.

So thanks to the course setters for all your hard work
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