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Originally Posted by dave benyon View Post
I had a lot of people asking me on Saturday about the targets in question but could not give them an answer on what I thought as I had not seen the woods course yet. I only saw the targets in on the Sunday when I went to marshal and had a look at them with Chris C.
If you could reach above the blocks on your elbows the shots were ok but alot of shooters even at full stretch on their elbows could not see the targets properly which put them at a disadvantage.
At Tawd when we set courses we use a simple system which saves any problems like these, we just use a clenched fist at the bottom of the peg and sit the rifle on it. If the target can be seen from this position then it's ok for all shooters, small, tall and those with bad backs etc.
We all make mistakes and I'm sure we will learn from this and it's something that will be checked for at future events. Perhaps the final course checks should be made by someone who has not been involved with the course set up as at other UKAHFT shoots, just my thoughts.
For a single day comp thats great Dave as long as they can sight in a stander for me and Rammy as for the blocks I think us old knackered buggers with bad backs and Grumpy, Stroppy & Dopey the dwarf had more problems than the juniors
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