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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I've just been through the scorecards for the target in question (15mm reducer with block in front) and it seems to have pretty much split the field.

113 shooters hit the target

115 shooters missed the target

5 juniors hit it

7 juniors missed it

It does however seem to have seriously affected the recoiling shooters as

17 missed it

1 hit it
Fair play to the one of us that hit it (yes, I'm a boinger and probably missed it but my memory has the funny habit of blocking out failure

As a recoiling shooter and a left hander (could I get any more marginalised....please don't answer), I thought the course was very well set out...there were a few shots that took a while to find the right position but I would expect that. In the past I've had to resort to all sorts of contortions including shooting right handed just to even see the kill. Admittedly I'm average height so didn't experience the problems some did with the targets in question.
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