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Oh dear ... I find it sad that people could complain about the course. I am at best a moderate shooter and know very little about the intricacies of the UKAHFT rules: my philosophy is simple: shoot whatever is put out and never complain. Yes, it was a difficult course in places but I suspect that the targets people register as 'difficult' are mostly the ones they missed or had to be a yoga expert to shoot. If they deemed it difficult but got it, would they complain? Of course not. They would simply congratulate themselves on a job well done.
I note the comments about the 'breeze block' pegs and the horseshoe peg and the concern that juniors may have found them difficult. I am not sure I agree. Maybe some juniors were put at a disadvantage but remember, people come in all shapes and sizes; some juniors are bigger than the smaller adults. Sometimes height can be a disadvantage. Many will be much younger than others (of advanced years), more supple etc. So: piffle, shoot what is there and quit whinging.
We all owe a great debt to Pete, Pete and the merry band of helpers who organised and set the courses and handled all the admin. Without their efforts there would be no 'Worlds'. That point should be remembered.
And as for the 'bean bag' request, I do not think a comment is needed.
So ... here's hoping that the World Championships do take place again.

Cheers, Garagefairy
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