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Default Lea Valley ftc .

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
is this not going to happen this year ?

If I can help with putting out course, i Will.
I was a member of lea valley ftc .they who put on the hertford hundred for quite a few years . what killed it was the shear hard work required to put it out and bring it in .BUT it does not have to be that way . we used to wander around like headless chickens under dave hoar and dave monk and the lack of organisation made it worse . how to make it easier . simple .you need 8 fellas . split the course into 4 areas .two men to an area give em a wheel barrow with targets , stands , strings , numbers . tell em what you want and let em get on with it .you should be finnished on the saturday by 1.00 pm . on the sunday . you ask when finnished to stay on the lane till the whistle goes or hooter and then bring in your lane , so the boys can come around with the wheel barrow and sorted . rob only wishes he could say the same about his standers ??? HOLLY
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