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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I know what you are saying Mark but what happens for elevated targets then ? sometimes your buttpad will be on the floor but the post is gripped 6"-9" up the peg shooting at a target up a tree or cliff. I think a simple rule such a you are suggesting could rule out some quite interesting shots.

We could however consider a height of obstruction if & only if the butt needs to be raised off the ground, that way high shots could still be included as the buttpad is generally on the ground for those

Further Edit:
For this type of shot we could try a block of a set height under the butt of the vetting gun, then when rested on the obstructing object or block if the gun isn't pointing at the kill or lower it would be deemed too high
The butt in the air rule sounds great, using a said standard block and said standard rifle to standardise, go for it Pete, and yes fully understand in hindsight about the elevated targets and my idea possibly ruling out interesting shots, but as you say they would be classed as butt on the ground shots anyway!
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