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From what I heard over the weekend it was the 2 lanes with the blocks that where causing complaints, i know I struggled and missed both but that was more to do with my stock fit than the course (long gangly neck and arms help). I can see how it made it difficult for those of a smaller stature/juniors.
If I remember right the blocks where placed on there side (?) which may of added that little bit too much height, sat on the bottom in the normal way may have been better.

My only issue and I only found out after returning home was that there was staples in the side of one of the pegs on the lakes course which caused a bit of damage to the old mans stock (granted he is blind and may have been suffering from sun stroke ). Just a quick ask as to whether that was checked and meant to be there? and if it was I'll tell him to take his glasses round the course with him in future
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