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Thank you for your feedback Pete, I was taken aback by your response to my first and pretty supportive post, it WAS constructive, NOT destructive, for me the first comment was fair I was misguided, probably because the UKAHFT logo was on the score card, again to be fair so is the WHFTA logo. The second comment, personally you read it wrong mis-interpreted it which is easy to do and often done with text based discussions. From my point of view you know me personally, you know what I'm like, I call a spade a spade and i do so at every occasion so even if you mis-read something, you should also think of the person who is saying it and the type of person that they are.
As you've said and it's generally agreed things weren't perfect, things aren't in life but we try to deal with the issue as best we can and move on. Ian has taken the responsibility for what he considers to be his fault, it's a noble gesture but I'm not sure an apology is required, we're human, we make mistakes, nobody died or got hurt, so it's not important at the end of the day. If the organisation is happy with the way it is, then again, it's fine and dandy.
The WHFTA website states the event runs to UKAHFT rules and format. I have cut and pasted an extract from the UKAHFT website. It's from the course format section, item 6;

When setting out courses you must place targets and pegs to allow for both right & left handed and Junior shooters taking
part in the event.

Everybody can form their own opinion and interpretation and it's validity, regarding that condition and whether it was met or not.

Pete please don't take this as destructive or a dig at you or Pete or anybody involved it isn't, it's my view of what I saw and heard from many people. As you know I don't shoot, but I am socially active, I'm constructive and offer my, help or indeed the help of H or even Ell at every occasion that's possible. We even travelled the 320 miles to Treetops and back to help set up on the inaugural shoot, fully in the knowledge that we would be shooting elsewhere the day after
As I've already said the organisers of any event put the effort in, more than people even know, they also put themselves into the line of fire should anybody have a gripe, be it valid or not. That's part of the job unfortunately.

At the end of the day 'sportsmanship' is more important than the actual sport, it's about gentlemanly conduct, even in disagreement we can remain amicable and respectful, hopefully stay friends and shake hands after everything.
Regards Andrew

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