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Originally Posted by NarkyMark View Post
I am presuming that all the ' people who canít be pleased' with 'bad attitude' who are 'whinging' are referring to the breezeblock targets on the woods course, I have already PM'd Pete and raised my concerns on the grounds that my 10 year old lad had to take a few of them kneeling because he physically could not see the kill of the target, this was IMO slightly unfair, not just on the grounds of him winning, which in all honesty he just isn't good enough yet, like his Dad , but on the grounds of keeping his spirits up; itís hard enough for a child to realise they don't stand a chance without having it rubbed in.

I have set A course, yes just the one, to full 2011 UKAHFT spec, this was in a regional competition (North West Winter Freezer) I was worried that the course would not be difficult enough so I started putting a couple of high on your elbow back breakers out, to liven things up a bit (I for one have no issue with this type of target), on the checking of the course the morning of the shoot I was informed that a Junior would/could have issues seeing the targets, I was peed off being told this if the truth be known and thought that the course was made far too easy by the fact they were all lowered & certain obstacles removed, it turned out that it wasn't the case as no one cleared it and the conditions where perfect for the shooters with only a slight breeze. I took from this that the course was technically difficult rather than physically difficult, the course was also enjoyed by FT shooters who could see all targets with ease, this was by no means easy, but I enjoyed the challenge of being able to set an unbeatable course, while accommodating children, people of varying height & physical abilities and also bum shufflers , the point I am trying to make is that with a bit of thought setting out a challenging course and pleasing each & everyone is achievable (even by a noob like me), this to me is the whole meaning & true spirit of HFT!

I feel the need has now arisen (as it did for target checkers, removal of plates etc, etc) that a set standard needs to be introduced into the maximum/minimum height a rifle has to be lifted up a peg or shooting support, the sport is evolving and these things need to be addressed; if the height is set to be less than seen at the Worlds then so be it (juniors and shortyís unite ), if they are set to be the same or even higher then so be it (the same reason why 4í6Ē Cubans donít enter the high jump ), it is a sport with an already great set of rules, letís not spoil it by not having this seemingly IMO grey area made black & white once and for all.

As for derogatory comments and verbal outbursts, well these people should be ashamed as this sort of attitude is not going to better the sport one iota!

My thoughts and opinions do not take away the fact I still had a great weekend away both with my Wife & Son, meeting likeminded people who were all doing what they love the most and for that I am truly grateful to each and everyone involved!


Good post Mark,

The problem with trying to create a specific limit on how high you come up a peg is its also dependant on many other factors sugh as target height & terrain contours, stock design also comes into it with sporter styles fairing better than Target based stocks with deeper forends that lift the muzzle higher & require the butt to be elevated even more.

I think realisically it's something we have to pick up during vetting & on this occasion it was probably a bit too high for our younger shooters, I really struggled on it myself & as you son says I'm a big guy
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