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As many have said, this weekend was a great success and over 200 people had a great time, However, there was a definite atmosphere at the weekend and it is one that has not been around for a couple of years.

When I arrived on Saturday for the first session, people were already talking about the woods course and this was before it had even been shot. I have also been told, that there has been back stabbing and ******** all weekend. On Sunday, I must have had 6 or 7 arguments with people and I must admit it spoilt my weekend.

So may I suggest this, lets just put this behind us and move on. We have Wendover in a few weeks and for me personally I am looking forward to getting back to the UK's. As for whether the WHFTA will continue, I hope it does, I would be very sad to see it go, but for next yea,r would it be possible to shoot in a different part of Kelmarsh, somewhere with less restrictions, somewhere, where Sparky and the boys can put out a course like we had at Treetops?

Or even go down the eurovision route and let the winning team decide which country the Worlds are going to be held in?

Well done to the WHFTA
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