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I really hope that the Worlds carries on as it has for the last 3 years. For the amount of shooters i think the organiational side of it appears to go quite smoothly. I really enjoyed the weekend despite the Reg packing up on the Steyr and had a lot of fun with the Emley lads on our evenings out.

It's nice that there are so many positive posts and i personally helped with course setting and marshalling. The time and effort given by the same group of people each year should be recognised (as it rightly has) as all these people expect in return is the warm, fuzzy feeling of being helpful and part of the UKAHFT/WHFT circuit.

I can also understand where some of the gripes are coming from as some of the targets were made extremely difficult if you were a Junior or small in stature () but i'm positive this wasn't deliberate. I found both courses good and the fact that neither was cleared means they weren't too easy, mind you, the wind helped a lot with that . The main gripes came from the plastic obstructions that appeared on a few pegs in the woods but having set out these courses and knowing the very tight restrictions imposed on the course setters by the groundstaff at Kelmarsh, it's difficult to get any sort of variation of the like that can be found at most UKAHFT shoots.

I think that as this is the Premier HFT shoot of the year, shooters want to get as high in the rankings as possible so put more pressure on themsleves as a result. This results in gipes about targets that probably wouldn't generate such a reaction.

As i've been shooting well for the last 6 weeks i was genuinely aiming for a top 5 position.....we all know how that flippin' turned out

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