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Originally Posted by A.C. View Post
Sorry Pete I was under the impression UKAHFT ran this event, based on your reply it didn't for which I apologise.
No I know they weren't, I suggested trying to spread the burden by including people such as Dave Banyon or Hatfield rather than have everything loaded onto yours and Petes shoulders. It's not a dig Pete, it was suggestion that may allow both yourself and Pete a little more time. In saying that maybe they would be unhappy to be in the 'firing line' I don't know. You know me Pete, I'm not a negative person I try to be positive in my thoughts so don't look at it in the wrong way, it isn't meant to be.
Regards Andrew
Spreading any burden is not really the answer Andrew as we had an excellent team of helpers & a team of good qualified marshals, the problem is being confronted by bad attitude while you are shooting by people who want to change the rules just for them.

Fair enough the course I shot Sunday afternoon was a shorter but positionally difficult course that some found hard but with three sessions having already shot it including small juniors I'm not (as chief marshal) going to allow one person to rest on a bean bag to take a shot they find difficult, imagine how everyone else would feel having not been allowed to do the same. To then have it suggested that Pete Sparkes, Jane & myself would sweep any complaints under the carpet frankly disgusts me.
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