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Default 33.5 yard average

Always interesting to me as a course builder to know what targets were hit and missed by each shooter / class.

so, overall Sunday

Only 1 target was hit by all 44 shooters, that was target 22, a 15 ish yard full kil "Gimmie" in the Bowl.
Target two was only missed by 1 shooter, me

The target with the leat number of hits was target 36. = 42.5 yard stander, slight downhill shot
Hit 11 times overall out of the 44 cards handed in, of which:

7 were a class shooters,
3 B class
and just 1 C clas (That must have been the gun used)

A class

Both targets 36 and 5 were hit the least, 7 hits eack target 5 was a 43 yard sitter on the ridge.

B class

Targets 36 and 7 were the least hit with just 3 each. Target 7 was a 53 yarder up on the ridge

C class

No C class shooter hit target 1, Harry the hedgehog up on the top ridge, 52 yards

Of the top 10 overall, of which 3 were b class

Target 3 was the least hit with 4 hits. Target was 48 yards.

Overall, it was the expected long targets + disaplines (there were only 4 over 50y) that took most marks off shooters.

1 - Target 36 = 42.5 yard stander (11 hits)
2 - Target 7 = 53 yard up on the ridge (12 hits)
3 - Target 1 = 52 yard Hedgehog on the top of the ridge (15 hits)
4 - Target 29 = 52 yard target in the "corner"
5 - Target 40 = 54 yard final target "angled" through the woods

The 39 yard Kneeler and the 32 yard stander were next with 19 hits

With the 8 x 1 inch reducer to come sunday at gp 1

Target 23 was the most missed reducer. 34 yards (above the Rusty pipe) with 21 hits of which
A class were 13
B class were 6
C class were 4
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