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Well personally, i had a great weekend, couldn't see a lot but still shot both days and bloody well enjoyed it.
I take my hat of to ALL that give there time and effort into giving everyone a chance to shoot these comps, and the behind the scene work is never fully recognised by many, and it should be.
Courses are difficult to set to cater for all, and you will never please everyone all the time. Both courses last weekend where challanging in there own ways, thats what makes this event so good. Plenty of tricky and unusual shots. If people want straight at target shooting, go down the plinking range.

To sum it up, A MASSIVE thank you to Pete,Pete and Jane, all the course setters and the marshalls. Oh and if I have forgotten anyone who helped out thank you too, as it is the highlight of my shooting year and I hope it long carries on, because without you all this would never happen

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