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I'm not an ORGANISER, but i know that the Pete's and Jane have spent days doing just that, over the last few months.All in their own time.
They have had to decifer/process the applications, sort foreign money transfer/conversion, purchase trophies, plan marshalling, liase with Countryman fairs, find helpers for all tasks, along with trying to get sponsorship. None of which is an easy task.
As a helper, mainly course building, we had a lot or restrictions placed on us by Kelmarsh Hall, that we complied with, whilst putting out 2 30 shot courses in 2 days.
No damage was to made to any existing, flower beds, trees in any way, fences and buildings, and no pellets were to go over into the walled garden at the back of the woods course/lane 1-10 Lakes course, or into the lake itself. It was no mean feat meeting these criteria.

Most of the people that helped/organised are also SHOOTERS, who were there along with ALL others to participate and enjoy their HOBBY. Unfortunatly they weren't allowed to by the minority.
There were incidents where a marshall was needed, and marshalls were just about to take their shot when they were called for, distracting them from their shot.
People were approaching us to make complaints, again whilst we were preparing for a shot.
There were a lot of derogatory comments flying around, both on and off the course, from people, who in my mind, should have known better.
There was minimal CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

I for one, despite the above, would like to see these events continue, and will commit to supporting them any way i can.

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