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To all the whingers STFU or get off your arses and help us set courses/vet courses/marshall, run around after you have all finished shooting setting out the shoot off lanes or gathering the course in and assisting the organisers in any way we can to make the UK's & The World's the comp's they are. Yes there were problems on both courses and I have already spoken to Sparky privately about what I thought was wrong, but does anyone want to bet against them being sorted for next year I hope Pete, Pete & Jane do put on the World's for us next year its a cracking weekend and it would be a shame if a few spoilt it for the rest. As said the whingers have a choice, we always need more marshalls.
Chris, lol I think you just said similar to me, I don't think anybody wants it to be the end of the road, I purposely stayed away from right/wrongs because they've been discussed already. I have tried to show support even though I seem to have got the wrong governing body and also offered some thought on trying to help move forward, nowhere (that I remember) was there a whine or a whinge, the whole thread was positive not negative about the weekend. There is one caveat though Chris and you can call me a whinger if you like, to have a different opinion doesn't make you a whinger, it just means that a person doesn't agree, I do try to see everybody's point of view, when I talk to you we quite often agree but there are possible times where you won't agree with me, if this were to happen, should I call you a whinger? Personally I'd think 'good point Chris and well made', I'd still think you were wrong though.
Sorry Chris I read everything this morning with Ell and I read all of your post except the last line, hence my edit etc. I still stand by it but again it's just my take on it.
Take it easy Chris
Regards Andrew

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