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Originally Posted by A.C. View Post
As discussed earlier Pete, I'm not sure making a decision yet is the right one either yes or no. As the gentleman above mentioned, pretty much everybody enjoyed their weekend and for various reasons, which don't need to be debated any longer the shooting side attracted some criticism. Depending on what side you were/are on it was right/wrong in varying degrees.
There is an awful lot that goes into making any event happen, as many people already know, hosting something on the scale of the weekend must be very difficult.
For the organising body of any event, if things aren't 100% perfect there will be people with grievances, sometimes very valid grievances, sometimes not so much. As I said one day to you, before we actually met, try not to take this criticism as a negative thing, just take it as feedback, something that enables UKAHFT to grow stronger with.
Nothing is perfect but as long as we strive to improve and admit a problem openly, should there be one, nobody could complain.
The thing which makes yourself and Pete very viable targets are your undoubted love and involvement in the sport, both of you put a lot of time and effort into the running of each and every UKAHFT event. Should things go wrong you both become legitimate targets, vested interest would be my guess to some of the complaints etc, as the saying goes "The buck stops here".
I'm not really sure what UKAHFT has got to do with this weekends event ????

Originally Posted by A.C. View Post
It's an evolving sport, there are some brilliant people involved in it, maybe a couple of people, people who you know to be straight with their opinions, Dave Hatfield, Dave Benyon and the like have experience and valid no nonsense opinions, call a spade a spade type of people. I KNOW you love the sport, I KNOW you love the banter, the fun, the camaraderie and at the end of it the competition, naturally the criticism hits you (and Pete) hard, it's understandable, I'd be ticked off myself.
I say this as a friend Pete, don't throw the towel in, learn from the event, take the good and bad out of it and improve it where you can.
Regards Andrew.

P.S I know I promised never to rant on the forum so I kept it short.
I'd just like to point out that Dave Hatfiled or Dave Benyon weren't the people Pete was refering to
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