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Congratulations on the win Pete you shot what you could and scored as well as you did, no arguments can change how the weekend went for you.
On a personal level we had a most enjoyable weekend socially, big Chris was totally wrong about who's wheels would fall off and where it would happen, both of the boys were on unicycles by peg 3 and that trend continued until the end of play.
Again on a personal note it would have been brilliant to have had a 'no complaints, no holds barred shootout' over the weekend, between the two best shots in HFT at present, I personally don't have a clue who Kieran Turner is (sorry Kieran if you read this), I've heard about him, his reputation and I know he was right at the top again over the weekend.
Last years Nationals were so close, I was hoping to see a similar, close competition over the weekend, sadly it didn't turn out quite that way, for whatever reasons there were/are.
You have done brilliantly well, and on top of this guided England to victory this weekend, another feather in your cap.
Regards Andrew
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