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Hope all had a good day, here are some memories of the day.

Comments as ever just to amuse

Jelly Fish fluked the last 6 to take his first Ft prize.

Great Job on the tea Arthur.

Giuseppe is off to make himself a new stock

Might be an idea to use the glasses next time?

Jason Davies dropped 4 in the first nine but went on to clear 31 targets from there on

Miss Land was top C class shooter on the day with a fine 26.

Keith should have played Golf!

Craig was in fine string pulling form. It was mainly for the camera though

Arms Dealer has baught a copy of my How do you miss book.
Here he is using the "I used the wrong Gun" excuse

Nigel as ever was full of praise for the course, Glad you enjoyed it.

John the Bank thankfully used the Styer instead of the S400

George hit targets ever time a camera was near

Rhys was beaten by Dad Vince again

Vince's little legs struggled on the short range High angled shots

Jukes thaught he hit 33, but Vince was being kind and it was 32 really.

Someone told Gwynne pull this string and 1 drops down from the Sky

Jay does a fine impression of a Gnome

Jerry braught an Ft Virgin so no S.African would come last
Plan B next time then.

Jerrys cannon fodder was having none of it

Tom recovered from a poor start.

Craig drew the short straw and had to shoot with Berty

Berty was on form

Sighting shot I hope

Kev lost his card at tondu?

Bobby was on fine form with a 35

Russel was in top Summer form

Gareth is heading out of B class!

Bring a Ski incase of snow? It will also help on the steep shots.

The strimmer had run out of petrol otherwise.........

Doz shot like he had drunk his sunshade?

I`ll be Back

Shep is back

All lefties from Nelson must hit 32

Jack is top Stander + Kneeler shot.
Pity about sitters!

Douglas must have stayed in the kill again?

Derks pellets had run out of puff by the time the reached the barrel end?

Steve could have hit 30 today if you had an Ev2
Whatch those super sized burgers in USA next week!

Grandad class went to Dave Gage

Grandad was runner up grandad!

The club made money so JJ can get the builders in
Thin they got to do the M1 first though?

Bungle needs to practise on 25 yard full kills

John forgot his camera

While Steve forgot to aim

We forgot Welchers name

Mike Forgot Gethin

Maybe if Gary slowed down abit he would not have missed so many?

Cliff found out why we have been telling him Ft is not easy

Justin fluffed the last target and his chance of moral victory.

I on the other hand should have taken the gun off myself after target 2!

Target 1, 50 _ yards, off plate no problem.

Target 2, 10 yards. oh fluck

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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