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Default John Thomas Memorial / Wafta summer series Rd1

Turned out to be a great day at Tondu where over 40 entries (Good for a Wafta FT shoot) enjoyed good sunshine through the day and just enough wind to cause the odd miss or two, or many!!

Indeed, this course with its 33.5 yard average was I thaught one of the easier ones I had put out at Tondu and I have to say i was surprised some scores were not higher than they were, but I guess the old saying is true there is no such thing as a Gimmie!Its what makes ft so interesting and hard at the same time?

Talking of gimmies, target 2.
10 ish yards, full kill. I was bemused to find a low strike on it at 6 o'clock when Woody and I went through, even though we were the last pair to start.
I was not going to shoot but I enjoy shooting with young Woody and the REV had told me it would be a good confidence boost if we let Woody score a moral victory on our home ground by letting him beat us by one.
Now missing target 2 was not in my game plan but once again I was talked off a target by Arms Dealer Jacob, as having scoped the target i miss read the side wheel and dialed 17 yards! I was the 2nd miss, but the score cards do not reveal the other miss. Could have been from a shooter from distant shores?
Thanks to Bobby Banks and Kev Sayers as well as my (unfortunate) shooting Partner Justin Wodd for making the trip down. I take no responsablility for Woody missing the last target and yet again his chance to beat me!

Anyway, the results.

Well done to Mark Berty Bassett on winning the John thomas trophy with a 37, just a long kneeler, a long stander and a fairly long sitter caught him out.

Mark Sheppard and Jason Davies shared runner up spot, Davies dropping his 4 targets by target 9,
then going on to clean 31 targets to finsh while Shep came unstuck on four of the courses toughest targets.
John Johnston took B class with a fine display using the vintage equipement with Gareth Rees and myself tied on 33 for runner up. Top C class spot went to a delighted Miss Land, who with some fine coaching and words of wisdom had a nice pair of standers to help seal the win. Young Garth rees took third spot with a quite superb (fluke) six hits in the last three lanes including being one of only 11 to hit target 36, the long stander.
hope all enjoyed the angles, the testing and the "Gimmie" targets

Side shootes were popular again. plenty of practise on the 15 ml kills in the Vermin where Peter "In off" Jacob cleaned the course helped by at least 3 "in offs" to claim the 20 top prize while Jack Harris hit 8 ex 10 on the standing kneeling side shoot to pick up 20 there.
John Lewis took the pistol side shoot.

A class results

Berty Bassett 37 ex 40
Mark Shepard 36
Jason Davies 36
Bobby banks 35
Little Jack 33
Justin Wood 33
Gwynne Robinson 33
Jason Harris 32
Doz 32
Dean Jukes 32 (Score counted wrong on card)
Peter Jacob 31
John Lewis 31
Nigel Hayman 29
Russel Summers 29
Gary Powell 28
Mathew Cook 26
Keith Davies 26
Mike Long 23

B Class

John Johnston 35
Gareth James 33
Simon Evans 33
Craig Corbett 31
Dave Gage 29
John Parry 28
George Loader 28
S.James 28
Vince Bowen 25
Jay Davies 24
C.Morgan 24
Rhys Bowen 23
lloyd Summers 22
John Kociombas 21
Tom Gould 21
Derk Bendon 20
Steve Kociombas 15

C class

Natalie Land 26
R.Welcher 25
Garth Rees 21
R.Parker 19
Rob Slaughter 19
Steve Morgan 19
Mathew Rainbow 18
Cliff Hamer 17
Jerry Baillou 16
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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