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Originally Posted by Petervw View Post
It was a beautifull course (lakeside) and a great day to shoot it
I'd like to thank Laity and Roger for a great morning of shooting mixed with a few good laughs , great shooting with you guys and I'm looking forward to tomorrow


@ Laity : goed geschoten ;-)
Cheers Peter,
Brilliant shooting with you and the other guy, you know, the quiet one, what's his name...?

Got to say a big well done to Scooby, that is some shooting
Excellent courses( really loved the lake this year even though I didn't do too well there) , location, company and WEATHER

I have enjoyed all the World's but even with a mediocre score, I think I have enjoyed this one the best.

Well done to all who put in so much hard work behind the scenes to make this run smoothly.
Sorry Darren couldn't be there though

Thanks to all my LV buddies for great laughs over dinner and drinks at the hotel and for transport etc - cheers guys.

Anyone else who missed it, ya missed a good 'un
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