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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
You may laugh now, but the future is tommorrows today, speak wisely for someone will one day be serving humble pie
Not me that's laughing . ( well a quick snigger maybe ) let the good times roll then . but i will say having been shooting most of my life in one form or another . it is not wins that satisfy . nor competition sucess that you will remember when all is done . it is your mates , good shoot's and sunny day's that will stay in your memory after the prizes have been chucked in the bin cos they have gone mouldy . my best memories are of my old club ETL and the lads and lasses all sitting in a circle in our camp seats after a good shoot , ripping the mick out of all the better shots who beat us that day . sod it we will win the next one we said . most of us never did win a big one . but by god it did not stop us trying . so viva la trying ??? HOLLY
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