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Default Clear -Clear - Clear !!!

Cloud cover up to mid day and winds of 1 mph!! Picks up to 3mph by mid day

I can see some big scores coming in today?

Club favourite Harry the hedgehog is on lane 1 awaiting those that come have a go today.
He is a good target, anyone that gets him is on for a good day.

There are 10 "gimmies" slotted around the course in case spirits need lifting.
Of course, there is no such thing as a Gimmie but Target 2 is pretty easy
and anyone that misses it I think i will take their gun off them as they will
probably be unsafe, in some way

Lane 4 is another with a good long one and a "gimmie"

Target 7 may be able to take a mark or two today?

Unlucky for some, target 13 is the first disapline shot today, nice pair of kneelers that are slight uphill shots.

There are a couple of tricky targets int he first 16, then its into the bowl for some "Angled" shots. Angled up!

There are lots of gimmies in the Bowl though
The pipe shot was going to be 15mm kills but we cant do that just yet in a graded shoot!
So you get an easy 25mm kill instead.
Look, even made the kills size the same as the target number

After the "easy" Bowl section there are a few more tricky ones to finish off,
lane 18 is the 2nd set of Standers and where as the first set will have you
pointing high, the 2nd set are low shots.
1 Gimmie stander , 1 good stander

Angles Angles Angles said Berty.
So i listened and took the Saw & Lloppers (Welsh) intot he woods to finish the course.

There are the Side shoots to either Warm up on or find out what went wrong!!

The 12 shot Vermin sees 4 x 15 ml kills at various ranges, so good practise for gp 1.

But be carfull, you remember the Welsh Rabiit from Monty Python + Holly Grail

Standing & Kneeling Side shoot.

10 targets, any 5 kneeling and any 5 standing

This is target 1, a Splash = Miss!!!

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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