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Originally Posted by JEV View Post
I weigh pellets for peace of mind for comps.
The exact reason I do with my JSB's. I was doing some experimentation last week with JSB 4.52 and 4.53's out of a tin and there seemed to be no real difference in the group size (ignoring any pellets moving for wind).

All 5 shot groups @ 55yds measured highest to lowest pellet in group
From the Tin 4.52's - Best 25mm Average 31mm
From the Tin 4.53's - Best 26mm Average 30mm
Weighed 4.52's - Best 14mm Average 22mm

However I did notice that there is the occasional pellet from both weighed and from the tin that would drop 20-30mm further than any of the others from the point of aim. Not sure why, going to spend a bit of time tomorrow afternoon just shooting 5 shot groups at 50yds with different pellets and see what the results are. These will be straight from the tin to get a more realistic result.
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