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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
jsb heavy 10.3 gran he runs at 710 fps which he way legal think he can go to 720 show can we drop the subject matey,as i said b4 il back andreas 100%,how many in your shooting go over and get asked not to shoot etc we dont broadcast on forums leave the chap alone he is a dame fine shooter,
Chris, i'm just after the facts. It's not a witch hunt and it's not because Andreas is foreign ( a statement that i found really annoying).

There are many shooters out there that are hearing (and circulating) rumours, i don't like the Jungle drums any more than you but would be happier if the rumours stopped as this was one of the reasons i dropped out of FT. I was also asking the question to Andreas, not you. He can contact me by email or PM and give his version so that i can help to quash the rumours.

My email amd PM's are available for Beryl Noon to contact me directly. And anyone else that thinks i'm saying anything that may need legal advice