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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Just a thought for the coming season and the FT heroes of shooting the breeze ......berty . very close last year , but no banana , got the kit this year so no excuses ...... then comes the ripped jean kid . all the gear and plenty of ideas ..... then of course let us not forget . old wassisname , ermmmm . oh yeah piemanlarget , aka NJR . ake EV2 .aka simon . he should be up into AA grade by now..... yep gonna be interesting . specially if the boys fail..... HOLLY
Originally Posted by holly View Post
No one has sprang to the defence of rob yet i see . can it be that our ripped jean hero has no supporters ? i reckon he is out practicing his standers as we speak . straining his eyes for the 45 yard target in the dark through his crystal clear optics ( somebody turn the fecking lights on for god sake he say's ) yep it ain't easy being a hero ??? HOLLY
Well all I can say is if the boys fail there will be plenty of others fighting for positions...... Having only met many of the hot contenders only a couple of weeks ago I would say the comp is wide open.... new toys or best on the market aside you still have to hit the damn target and as much as I HATE to admit it I do agree with Rob... One target at a time......

Hmm who will I be supporting.... doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess that I will be our ripped jean hero's top supporter (unless of course on any given day I beat him then all support will be quickly forgotton so I can revel in my success... ) ahem...

I am looking forward to my first GP Season... so far all my comps are being used as a learning curve sorting out problems but progress is being made so I intend to hold my own this summer..... I may not be up to big boy level..... yet.... but this girl is determind to become a damn fine shooter in the not too distant future.....
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