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this **** is killing me.
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I dont normally weigh pellits but seeing this thread reminded me Chris C lent me his scales so.......

Weighed about 350-ish, got about 200 ready for HFT worlds, 7.82 to 7.87 grain. Lowest was about 7.74 and the highest about 8.01. The vast majority of "low" weights were around 7.80 and "high" weights were around 7.91.

I put those that didnt fall between 7.82 and 7.87 in a tin for testing at a later date, allthough the groups size will (should) be how they are normaly straight out of tin, which with JSB EXPRESS i find are good enough groups (for me anyway ) which is why i dont normaly weigh pellits.

I would certainly need my own scales if i started to weigh them since doing more then needed for a comp is too much tedium for me so i would have to do small amounts, just enough for comp+, afew days before each comp.

Me thinking this may become a regular thing for me though


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