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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
OK, i have a set already, but they are not very accurate, but for what I paid what was I to expect.
I have been told that I need a set that measures down to 0.01grain. I have been looking through evilbay and alike and thought who better to ask than people who use them, so I am after some advice on which ones to buy and where from.


I use Diamond scales, cheap and cheerful (from as little as 16 on ebay) but weigh down to 0.01 of a grain and repeatedly weighing the same item only vary by 2 or 3 hundreths of a grain.
Initially I always said weighing was a waste of time but having experimented with weighed and non weighed pellets I won't be going back to unweighed anytime soon. Even "good" batches of pellets can vary a suprising amount. I want to get the most out of my equipment and if that means an hour or two of my time every now and then I'm more than happy
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