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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
We often hear and Read that .177 is Best for Hunter Rifle Competitions

But on Saturday @ Lea Valley - Kovit as fairly good shot

Decided to use my AA400 in .22
With a Walther 6 x 42 Scope
And Defiant 5.50's @ 14.00 Grains

And ended up with a 51/60
Now he only had a few minutes practise before the match

And was really pleased with himself

Aware that there are a few others recently that have returned to .22
On the Circuit

Proves the point that you do not need Expensive Gun's and Scopes to do well these day's

Who's said you do? It's proven what most of us have always said! Give a good shot basic gear and they'll do ok.

Johnny Smith in the UK's regularly puts in mid 50's with his brick chucker, look at Simon's scores from the Worlds and southern hunters.


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