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TBH Andy, there were some shots on the course that were awkward for juniors as they had to get very high on the peg or kneel, the stander you tell me was ok , the rest were fine IMO, hard but fine, one shot you couldn't even see as it was long & dark & a few shooters couldn't find it but I think I just have a problem with the stander myself, & I bought it up before we even started as it looked long for a start, then I get round to it after shooting the rest of the course to find that it's the 2nd unsupported stander about 25ft in the air, 35yd + = 0 on my last shot, nice. Sour grapes, maybe, but I like people to enjoy shooting at our ground, & if it was an easy course at ours then someone would have cleared & you would have shot better , anyway, no hard feelings as like I say the rest of the course was great with some very good shot placements.

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